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Want to protect the environment? Sure, we all do. Want to learn how you can transform your voice into a powerful political tool? Let the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund help you learn how to effectively use your power to make a difference for the environment.

The LCV Education Fund is dedicated to unleashing the power within all of us to make a difference for the environment. We work to help environmentalists and leaders of environmental organizations recognize and take full advantage of their ability to make a real, significant and lasting improvement in the quality of our lives and the future of our world. By empowering people and promoting collaboration among environmental, conservation and other allied groups, we can, and do, help transform popular support for the environment into lasting environmental policy.

Our extensive, grassroots-focused programs are rooted in three primary goals:

Building the Base: bringing strategic planning and organizing skills, effective communication tools and the latest in technology to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of state and local environmental organizations and their ability to increase citizen participation in elections and policy making.
Training Tomorrow's Leaders: offering challenging and engaging workshops and training seminars to help enthusiastic environmental activists make the transition into effective environmental leaders.
Engaging the Public on the Environment: through sharing public opinion research about the environment, public education campaigns and ask the candidate campaigns, we encourage the millions of citizens who care about environmental issues to speak out.

The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund was founded in 1985 to promote active and responsible citizenship in addressing our nation's environmental challenges. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public education organization, the LCV Education Fund is supported through the generosity of foundations and is not a membership organization.

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